Sunday, August 26, 2007

We had a Shower today

for this beautiful niece of ours! Tyneille and Ian are going to be married in 33 more days so we honored them today. It's always fun to gather with a bride-to-be and share in her excitement as she prepares for her wedding, a new home and a life shared with a man who she adores.

Tyneille with her mom, Carol, who is Bob's sister.

Cathy will be Tyneille's new mother-in-law. They have 5 sons, 3 married and 2 with fiancees, and one daughter.

Such cool gifts for new couples these days! Sarah and Kelly are Tyneille's bridesmaids and they had us play some cool games too. In the first one we had to identify different spices and herbs like basil, oregano,curry powder, rosemary, cloves, chili powder, sage, by smell only. (I got a dismal 2 out of 8!! I obviously do not have a great sense of smell, which has already been established in our family.) The second game was "Guess the Price" of 10 grocery items that were purchased at Walmart. Many people were within a dollar or two but I was $5. 75 over! The items included toothpaste, garbage bags, sponges, onion soup mix, Vim cleanser, dish soap, Milk-Bones (for Tyneille's dog), and green tea. The last one was "What do you know about Tyneille?" and I fared much better in this game, missing only one of the 14 questions.

Of course, delicious snacks were a great way to end the afternoon! Thanks to Norma, Andy and Chloe for hosting this party.

We are delighted for Tyneille, who is the oldest of our 5 godchildren and has a very special place in our hearts. We can only imagine what a radiant bride she will be on her wedding day and we wish her (and Ian!) a peaceful month as the days count down.


  1. What a nice shower! The games sounded fun. I always do terrible at shower games.

  2. She looks so beautiful! I can only imagine how much she'll be glowing on the wedding day! Wish I could have joined you - it sounds like you had so much fun!!!!!
    What kinds of gifts did she get?

  3. Wow! It sure sounds and looks like you had a great time at the shower. We played the spice game at my sister in laws shower we had for her but we said taste if you dare :~)

  4. Awesome games, what a creative bunch. It's exciting to spend a day in preparation of such a big and exciting time. Tyneille looks gorgeous already, can't wait to see those wedding pictures.