Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is My Life

Melody Ross, over at Melody's Sofa, has a new photo project going on called "This Is My Life". Her goal: "just put photos of everyday moments that make your life unique, that make it what it is…that make it yours." I love the pictures she shared (go check it out - and read about some stuff that's made her an amazing person!) so I've decided to take this challenge on. I love the concept!!

Yesterday was full moon and as I finished cutting our lawn, it was just rising. How beautiful! It makes me appreciate again the place we call home.

Tranquil fields where the cows enjoy a evening snack.

Using the night setting on my camera, taken just moments before (yes, before) the first picture. I like the effect of the dark sky but not the flash happening. Learning more about my camera - a huge part of my life today!

I invite you to share some photos of your life today! Let me know and I'll come visit your blog to see!!


  1. Love your moon shots! So glad you came by and I never run out of balloons because I never want to run out of friends like you :o)
    I've tied you on tightly!

  2. The moon last night was exquisite! I love your pictures of it.

  3. What a beautiful view... so captivating!

  4. esther2:32 PM

    I wonder if you were looking at the moon at the same moment that I was last night. You paused and took a picture. I ran around like a crazy farm wife wishing I had my camera with me in the grain truck!

  5. Great pictures of the moon.

  6. thanks for visiting and commenting on my Creative Blogs! Hey, my son will be in 3rd grade!

    Great moon shots.

  7. I love that concept too Crystal! Very kewl!

  8. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Oh Crystal, the "place you call home" is beautiful!

    I visited Melody's site--thank you for recommending it!

    I love to know that we're all looking at the same moon, no matter where we are.