Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sharing -

this post about picking daffodils and Osterglocke from Ann at A Holy Experience today!  It reminds me so much of my German-Polish grandparents and the words they used when they wanted to convey more meaning than English-as-their-second-language could do.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Once again, He has filled my life with:
- frogs croaking along the creek 

- reflections in the still waters

- pondering if I am a reflection of Him

- The Good Shepherd psalm (23)

- marveling at the work of the beavers - they are so industrious!

- walking on the hillside with my mom and sister

- sunshine streaming in the bedroom window

- fresh basil plants

- planted rows of potatoes

- handwriting a letter

 - making cards

- a full moon rising in the blue night sky

 - watching the apple trees bud

 - Cranberry Muffins from my sister

 - empty tabletop in my scrapbook studio

- a phone call to sub

- hanging clean laundry

- finding good things in the freezer

- the start of a new season on the land

- having meals ready for later in the week

- learning shortcuts on the computer

 - finishing my week in pictures - 260 of them!

 - a beautiful table set for dinner

- worship

 - shadows

- Bernard Callebaut chocolates

- watching the brilliant colors of the sunset change and finally disappear

- fresh vegetables washed and ready in the fridge

- the words "God will find a way" humming inside my head as the day goes on

- successful download of the laptop onto the external hard drive, after another big scare

- real life moments with my Saviour walking right beside me and letting me lean on Him

Monday, April 26, 2010

Simple Woman #85

For Today . . .  April 26, 2010

Outside my window . . . changing between sun and cloud today, the temperature is 10 degrees C and there's a slight breeze.  The forecast is for a cooler week but hopefully we won't get any hard frost.  The buds on the fruit trees are forming and a big frost would be bad for them. 

I am thankful . . .  for my sister and her generous heart.

And I also am thankful . . .  for time to study and improve some new skills.  

I am praying . . .   for friends who lost a brother-in-law very suddenly last week.

I am thinking . . .   about having our grandchildren here this week.

I am creating . . . 
  some LOs to take along to a National Scrapbook Day event to which Heather and I are going. 

I am celebrating . . . my nephew's 21st birthday - I wish he wasn't on the other side of the country!

From the kitchen . . .  Oatmeal with Nuts for breakfast, toast with cheese and tomatoes for lunch, Lemon Garlic Marinated Rib Steaks with Baked Potatoes and Almond Green Beans for supper. 

I am wearing . . .  black track pants, striped blue tshirt and a fleece jacket - on my way to plant more potatoes.

I am reading . . .  Luke 8 He replied, "My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice."
                             Reclaiming the "L" Word (Renewing the Church from Its Lutheran Core) by Kelly A. Fryer - chapter 7 - "The church may be the only organization on the planet that exists entirely for the sake of those people who don't belong to it yet."  That's kind of amazing!

                             The Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea - for our next book club gathering - almost finished this one.  It's written as a series of emails - I don't know if I would have stuck with it if it wasn't for book club.                         
I am hoping . . .  to plan an outing with my Mom and sister for next week.

I am hearing . . .  the fridge humming and the oven clicking as it bakes the potatoes.

I am going . . .  to pick up Helayna and Silas from their Omy and Papa's house on Wednesday morning.

Around the house and yard . . . laundry, vacuuming and mini-muffins to bake.  Earlier today I tucked away Sweet and Sour Meatballs and a pasta casserole for later in the week - I'm thinking that kitchen time might be preempted by playtime.

One of my favourite things . . .  walking the native grass hill near my sister's and finding crocuses blooming.  And 3 butterflies too!

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .  two half days of subbing, grandkids here, swimming, BBQ, Bible study and scrapbooking on the weekend.

A quote for today . . .  

“Genius is nothing but a great capacity 
for patience.”
—Georges-Louis Leclerc Buffon
(1707-1788); Naturalist, mathematician

Here is a picture thought I am sharing . . . spring arriving in these parts!  Can you see the sheen of green on the willow

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poetry for a Sunday

Seven Horses
When I was a pencil of a girl
I had seven horses, one
for each day of the week.
Thunder, Lightning, Sun
and Moon, East Wind
North Wind and Red Roses.
Only I could see them,
roan and black, grey,
palomino, dapple, white
and the strange one
the flying red horse
from the Mobil sign.
I rode them to school,
home, to the store.
I rode them down the slopes
of rocky night.  In adolescence
I never mooned over horses.
Later, they were something cops
charged at us in demonstrations.
I’d sooner ride a cow.
No, it was not horseflesh
but power I craved
and speed.  I longed to gallop
out of our tight mortgaged house
furnished with shouts and razors,
out of the smoke of frustrations
burning like old tires.
I wanted to stick out my neck
and gallop at full tilt off
any map I had ever seen.
by Marge Piercey

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

The days go by and are filled up with so much goodness, provided by the One who created and loves us!
- seeing our son and daughter and their families again

- a place to sleep while visiting

- yummy food

- new knowledge

- a knowledgeable one who teaches well

- quiet music in the dark of evening

- little ones hurrying to the playground

- her riding along so quickly and confidently

- him running to catch up to her

- time to shop, just a little

- driving home

- yummy food

- iced tea

- learning, learning, learning!

- sending down questions - and not feeling out of place

- humour - laughing together

 - watching the leaves come out on the trees

- gentle rain

-  planting tiny seeds

- a visit to the greenhouse

- hoping

- cleaning out the old, making room for the new

- clam chowder

- thinking about summer 

- green tea

- watching little ones learn to swim and be comfortable in the water

- going down the waterslide with Meadow

- fun art classes

- picture books

- a visit to the library with the grade one class

- listening to improving readers

- happy parcel at the post office

- the return of a circle journal

- planting potatoes

- homemade croutons

- restored health for a friend

- Sharpie markers in all kinds of colors

- seeing the moon come up

- cuddling grandsons

- knowing that Mel, Tyler and Samuel will be here in less than a month

- God’s incredible grace

- trusting God to provide all that we need

- knowing that He will provide more than I can even imagine

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ten on Thursday - A Week In My Life

Just a little glimpse of some random pictures that I've snapped on various days this week to document my life.

1.  6:30 a.m. - driving to our class

2.  6:55 a.m. - entering the University of Calgary building

3.  4:30 p.m. - heading to the playground

4.  5:30 p.m. - cleaning out the flowerbed

5.  8:23 a.m. - arriving at CES for a day of subbing

6.  8:15 p.m. - driving up the road towards home after swimming with Meadow, Blake & Naomi

7.  5:45 p.m. - Uncle Gord moving the boxes of meat into my car

8.  10:00 p.m. - arriving home from Calgary

9.  11:30 a.m. - reviewing my class notes during lunch break

10.  8:20 a.m. - arriving in town right behind the bus

Thursday, April 22, 2010

SImple Woman #85

For Today . . .  April 21, 2010

Outside my window . . . it was a high temperature recording setting day with +25 degrees C today.  The sun was shining brightly, fluffy white clouds dotted the sky and the kids had a marvelous time playing outside at recess.

I am thankful . . .  for green growing plants.

And I also am thankful . . .  for my good health.   

I am praying . . .   for children around the world.  The American Idol show tonight included fund  raising for children around the world.  The stories were so poignant.

I am thinking . . .   about planting potatoes and starting plants.

I am creating . . . 
  photos and stories for my "A Week In My Life" Project.

I am celebrating . . .  Blake's 10 month birthday today.

From the kitchen . . .  precious little as we have been away in Calgary for a few days.  While there we had the best lunches and baked treats from Indulge Catering.  

I am wearing . . .  black pants, black tshirt, green summer sweater and a pink and green beaded silver chain.  

I am reading . . .  Reclaiming the "L" Word (Renewing the Church from Its Lutheran Core) by Kelly A. Fryer - chapter 6 - "It is time for each of us to hear God's call in a new way. ...... The point is that, right from the start, God has always called very ordinary people into ministry. "

                             The Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea - for our next book club gathering - "The conflict of educated modern Saudi women growing up in the 21st century in a culture firmly rooted in an ancient way of life."                             
I am hoping . . .  to get some potatoes planted this weekend. 

I am hearing . . .  the evening news, talking about rain coming in a day or two.  We need it!!

I am going . . .  to have 2 little visitors for a sleepover next week - and I'm looking forward to it!!

Around the house and yard . . . the grass is slowly turning green, the buds are forming on the trees and shrubs and spring is here!

One of my favourite things . . .  shopping with our daughters. Heather and I snuck in one hour together at the Cross Iron Mills shopping center. 

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .  2.5 days of subbing, filling our freezer with packages of beef (thanks, Mom and Dad!), book club discussing The Book of Negroes, Bible study and lots of yard work.  

A quote for today . . .  
“What I’ve experienced is that I can’t know the future. 
I can’t know if anything that I do will change what
 happens tomorrow. I can’t know with certainty, but
 what I do know is if I do nothing, nothing will change.”
—James Orbinski
(1960-); Former President Of Doctors Without Borders

Here is a picture thought I am sharing . . . spring flowers - such a beautiful sight after a long, long winter!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apologies -

 to Apple computers for my little rant the other day!  We took the laptop to Westworld on Sunday afternoon and when the technician turned it on, it booted up!  Surprise, surprise!!  I cleaned up the desktop but it's going in for a checkup anyway and we are backing the whole thing up too.  Needed to get on that plan a long time ago so I guess the forcing was a good thing.

We've been away in Calgary for 3 days with early, early mornings so I'm very tired.  Look for Simple Woman, Gratitude Gifts and other exciting posts coming soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apparently . . .

the hard drive in my MacBook laptop has decided to die :(( 

This computer is not even 3 years old and we have had the screen replaced already and now this.  I am not impressed!!  I love the Apple product but I was hoping for more than 2.25 years with it. I guess it's off to the computer hospital and we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I may be a little scarce in these parts.  I will miss you all!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ten on Thursday

1.  After more than 6 weeks without my dishwasher, it's finally back in working order!  The tiny screen on the intake water line was blocked with rust particles and fine coal dust (which we get in our water sometimes).  Bob took it apart and cleaned the line last night - and I am ever so happy!

2.  I've been drinking ginger lemon tea + honey + lemon juice for 3 days now but it's not having much effect on this cold.  Next step:  Vick's VapoRub.

3.  Watching this little one ski was just amazing last weekend!  She is a natural and is loving the whole process.  Her hero right now is Jen Heil, a Canadian Olympic gold medal skier.  (Thanks for taking the picture, Na!)

4.  I know I shouldn't bring up the weather when Lethbridge (Hi, Rhonda!) and England (Hi, Linds!) are being hit hard these days but up here it's the wind that's constantly blowing.  We aren't used to that at all. It's sucked every bit of moisture up and there's no spring run-off or flooding happening in our area.

5.  On the highway to Jasper there's a spot that's called Sheep Corner.   And they were there again this time!

6.  I'm getting ready to do Ali Edwards' Week In My Life challenge next week.  It's a photo and journalling challenge to record the everyday details of a whole week and then scrapbook them (completely up to you as to the degree of scrapbooking).  Don't you think it would be cool to see what a week in your grandmother's or mother's life, at the stage that you are at, would look like?  So - how about you?  Are you in for the challenge too?  It would be cool to have you join us!

7.  I'm so inspired by the color challenges that Stacy Julian features on her blog.  Check them out!

(image from Stacy's blog)

8.  And speaking of Stacy Julian - today her challenge was to take a picture of What's In Your Purse?  It was a good excuse to clean some of the loose papers out of mine!  And another moment to capture in a scrapbook :))

9.  Here's a great recipe for Asparagus and Zucchini  Crudi (a type of salad) to try - thanks for sharing, Mel!

10.  I'm off to my favourite conference of the year - International Reading Association - tomorrow.  Books + learning about reading + good friends = a happy day!    

Hope your day is a happy one too :))

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

- laying in bed and thanking God for the opportunities He will bring to me today

- Twinings Honey and Ginger Tea with lemon juice and honey

- cheese - I love it!

- blue skies

- getting the computer and Smartboard to work without any glitches

- nachos and cheese for lunch :)

- working one on one with a student to edit a story and having him recognize ways to improve his writing

- colored pens and markers (I'm still a kid in some ways)

- books from the library

- phone calls (thanks, Mel!)

- clean dishes stacked in the sink

- happy days to look forward to

- scarves

- finding little treasures hidden in the back of a closet

- apple blossoms - forced indoors but still beautiful!

- time to write little notes

- a deep freeze with many possibilities for meals

- my sewing machine

- candles

- Pineapple Sauce (with a secret ingredient - mustard!)

- carrots

- chocolate chip cookies

- fresh lemons

- knowing that I am wrapped in the Father's love

- living for Him