Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dear October

Dear October -

So much was accomplished as your 31 days flew by!

Most of our activity this month centered on the farm and garden:
- harvest was completed with some long days, surprisingly few repairs and lots of grain in the bins.
- - so much grain, in fact, that we had to use bins at 3 additional locations - a first for us.
- Meadow, Blake and Maƫlle had a ride in the combine with Grampa Bob and a pizza picnic in the van.
- bags and bags and bags of potatoes were dug, as we harvested some experiments.
- the last group of chickens were butchered and put in freezers.  I miss them!
- the last of the greenhouse tomatoes were picked.
- 2 rows of carrots and 1 of parsnips remain buried in the garden.
- 110 lbs. of cabbage from the garden was sliced and made into sauerkraut.

As well, you brought these highlights:
- my church confirmation class spent a morning working at the local food bank and attended 2 district youth events.
- I did 7 days of subbing.
- I spent 6 days and had 1 sleepover with grandkids.
- Helayna, Silas, Heather and Jonathan helped with garden harvesting one Saturday and Bob's parents came to help twice.  (So thankful for all of that help!)
- my book club read Barbara Kingsolver's novel "Flight Behavior" but I missed the discussion night.
- Helayna celebrated her 7th birthday.
- I sewed a Little House In The Prairie dress for a Halloween costume.
- we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with our son-in-law's family.
- we took one Sunday drive, circling through the Brazeau Dam area, to enjoy the coloured leaves and the season.

Thanks for a month of blessings, busy-ness and safety!