Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Weekend Goodness

I thought you might like to see a few more pictures from our camping weekend. It really was fun for the 8 of us to be together again and enjoy a summer weekend.

Eating our breakfast of ham, eggs and cinnamon pull-aparts around the campfire.

Abraham Lake is in this area of Alberta but it was too hazy on this day to get a good look at it. As the clouds shifted, we saw a reflection of the sun off the water at one point but the rain clouds soon rolled in again. Getting closer to the lake is a goal for another trip!

A curious chipmunk came out and we shared some nuts from our afternoon snack bag with him. He loved the cashews and stuffed his cheeks so full - it was funny to watch him. He'd tunneled under these rocks and popped up in all sorts of places on the hill. Isn't it funny how chipmunks and squirrels can be so entertaining when you are out in nature?

Wild potentilla were blooming all over the top of the windswept hill.

I think this is just about my favourite shot of the weekend! Darrin and Kelsey walked across the creek (without getting their boots wet inside - unlike me!) and were studying the rocks and little waterfall. It was such a beautiful spot that Esther thought would look great imported into her yard at home! Definitely wishful thinking!!


  1. OOOh! I love the one of Darrin and Kelsey too!
    Your breakfast sounds SO delicious! YUM!

  2. We soooo enjoyed our travels to Canada. We were so disappointed when our Nova Scotia trip was cancelled!!! The country you show is so beautiful.

  3. esther2:54 PM

    Great shots of a great trip. I loved that spot where you filled your boot with water. It was all so good for my soul.