Saturday, August 04, 2007


While Bob and Jonathan are off doing the Rockwall Hike in the mountains this weekend, Heather, Melinda, and I are hanging out with Helayna here at home. Tonight our goal was to each create 1 scrapbook page before going to bed. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to Heather for sharing this picture with me (it's one of my very favourite ones!) - and for giving me lots of advice about the layout! And the colour is 100% better in real life :)

We are eating outside on the picnic table for the rest of the weekend, as the kitchen table has been converted to scrapbook central! Mel's working on a surprise project (details to follow in a week or so) and Heather's doing some design work for Scrapbooking Fanatics. It's great having this time together. Oh, and Meadow was here this afternoon while her Mom and Dad had some couples time. We had a lot of fun!!

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