Monday, August 20, 2007

Little Somethings

Here is project #4 documenting my love of Starbuck's Chai Latte's!!

I love these little exercises in creativity that document some of the everyday things about me. These are tidbits of information and emotions that I'd love to know about anybody. Sometimes I think about Meadow and Helayna looking through these layouts when they are my age and the discoveries they will make about their grandmother! Plus it's just plain fun to play with paper and other stuff on a daily basis - AND it's fun to use some fo the yummy stuff that I have in my stash! Having said that, it's time to get real in my house today :)) Many, many things to do before we go to Poland in 2.5 weeks!!!


  1. This is AWESOME!! It will be so neat for your grandkids to look through your album one day and learn about you! What a treasure that album will be too!
    Love the colors you used with the Starbucks cup holder thingy! Looks awesome!

  2. esther2:04 PM

    this "little somethings" is a neat idea Crystal. i like the paper and embellishments you used. tell me what size the book of "little somethings" is. i envision 4x6 - is that right? very nice.

  3. Going to Poland in 2 weeks. How wonderful!!!!!I'll love seeing the post about that.

  4. Your grandbabies will LOVE reading all the great things you are documenting!!!! Wonderful page!
    And that is so cool you are going to Poland!!!

  5. I like seeing what you create with these little "everyday" exercises...this one is so pretty. How nice to think of your grandchildren flipping through these pages one day.