Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Instead . . . . .

of me going back to school tomorrow, Meadow and I'll

go for walks

and play with rocks

and take lots of pictures!!

Life is good!! And so begins my year long leave of absence from teaching. This totally feels right and I have absolutely no regrets at this point. I will be thinking of my dear friends and colleagues and wishing them a rewarding year - but it will only be fleeting, I know (said with a great big smile!).


  1. oh lots of grandma time ahead!! That is wonderful!!

  2. esther10:24 AM

    Smiling with you and for you! Savor it.

  3. Enjoy each and every moment of this upcoming year!! Time passes all too quickly...

  4. It's going to fly with fun times like that!

  5. Summer flew by. I'm glad you have lots of great things to do to keep you distracted this fall. Only a few more days till you're on your next adventure.

  6. I'm so glad that it feels right for you, Crystal. Enjoy it!