Sunday, August 12, 2007

Garden Goodness

Even though the weather's been much cooler this week, the garden is still thriving. These pictures take you on a little tour of what's keeping me busy these days. I haven't been much of a gardener in the past but I'm trying harder to keep ahead of the weeds and enjoy all the fresh local produce (free of charge now!) that a garden brings. It's a good feeling to know that only our energy is being used to produce this summer goodness.

Happy sunflowers that just make me feel happy when I see them!

The raspberry bushes have been loaded with beautiful berries. So far we've eaten most of what we've picked and we've shared some with our kids. Tomorrow's agenda includes making a batch of jam for winter enjoyment.

We have picked and picked and still there are berries ripening!

The green and yellow zucchini plants are doing great! So far I've managed to keep up with using or giving them away when they are just the right size (6 in.long)

Our potatoes are amazing this year - so many large tubers under each plant.


  1. I love the orange sunflowers. Most I've seen have been yellow. I'm envious of your berries!!! Oh, I'm not suppose to envy :o)

  2. Your berries look yummy! I fight to stay one step ahead of the birds and squirrels :)
    Love that orange sunflower! So cheery :)

  3. Anonymous4:39 PM

    What a delicious bounty from the garden. We skipped the zucchini this year, although my mom has given us a few from her garden.

    Your potatoes look great. Just yesterday, Brian harvested three of our plants and we got a lot of potatoes--we enjoyed some for dinner this evening!


  4. I can't wait until we have a garden!!!! Everything always tastes better fresh from the garden! Keep up the hard work! It's looking good!