Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday to my Mom! Full of energy, she's forever in the garden growing things, the kitchen making good things to eat(her pies are THE best), or her sewing room creating a quilt or mending for someone. She loves to volunteer and visit people and has been involved in her community all her life. She is proud of her grandchildren and delighted to be a great-grandmother now. I know she will get lots of calls, cards and treats from family and her many friends today. Happy 74th Year to you, Mom - we pray that God will bless all your days!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Crystal, you are so blessed to still have your Mom with you...
    She sounds like an amazing lady..

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! I can see where you get your very happy smile.

  3. Happy Birthdy Grandma!!!!!