Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Today's thoughts of gratitude are brought to you by the letter "D"!

1. Our son, Darrin - it has been such a blessing to watch him become a man of conviction and integrity. He loves to be an uncle, work on cars and quads, come home to the farm (but not to work cattle!), ski and snowmobile, and hang out with Kelsey! I was lucky for many years while he was at university because he would come home to work in the community for the summer so we had him around long after most guys had left home. Like I do with all of our children, I try to make his visits home a little bit special - which often involves some favourite dessert!

2. Digital toys - especially cameras! If I had to keep only 1 piece of electronics, I would chose this one. It gives me great pleasure to capture moments of living through my lens.

3. Dad - I am blessed to have my Dad enjoying good health, his farming, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, his dogs and all parts of his life. It's his birthday this week too!

4. Desserts - just about my favourite part of the meal! I love pies, cheesecakes, crisps, squares, cookies, fruit - really just about any dessert will make me happy.

5. Dogs - we've had some special canine friends over the years and our kids have many stories involving their favourites. German Shepherds have been our breed of choice and this is BJ, the most recent one.

6. Dancing - I love to dance but don't get a chance to do it very often these days. Good music always makes me want to take to the floor.

Thanks again for the inspiration, Morning Glory!


  1. We share a couple of "D's" this week (dad's and desserts!)
    I also like your digital toys one. That would could have been on my list too!

  2. Oh, I love your D words!! That doggy face is precious!