Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Fun

I've had a few chances to play with our granddaughters this summer which is just perfect!

Our little water baby who loves to splash and swim. She inherited this love of water from Naomi, who we always called a little duck.

Naomi and Jerry wanted to build a swing set for Meadow and they got it accomplished within a few weeks of moving to their house. Heather, Jonathan and Helayna gave Meadow the tot seats for her birthday and she loves to swing here. Her Dad put some mighty strong chain up to hold her and a friend!

Wearing a little dress from Mexico that her Mom wore when she was little!

This little munchkin can sit back in the seat and put her feet up too!

Just hangin' out!

By this time, she was tired of being Mom's helper in the strawberry patch. Not to mention the fact that the mosquitoes were ferocious!


  1. Boy does she look content in that swing! Super fun!

  2. She's so much fun to play with. I'm glad you're taking lots of time this summer to play and spend time with them. Can't wait for more fun this weekend.

  3. So sweet! Great pictures, Crystal. Meadow is a cutie.

  4. Nothing more precious than a sweet baby.

  5. Oooooh, the swing set looks AWESOME! I'm so glad they have it up. So cute!

  6. heather m7:59 PM

    Oops! That was me above - sorry!