Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little Somethings

So, Ali Edwards is inspiring me again! Man, she is one seriously amazing artist! Along with her Life Artist work, this week she had the brainwave that creating something, no matter how big or simple, everyday is a very good thing and that there are little stories from everyday - all kinds of stories that happenin a day - that beg to be told in small ways. This totally spoke to me after hearing Stacy Julian talk about the happiness of creating and sharing your life and while being constantly inspired by everyday things in my own life lately. So here's a little bit of the happiness - and craziness - I've had in my life this week!

Tells the little story about taking Melinda to the airport very early one morning.

Used a found envelope and inside it I put 3 pictures of Mel, taken while she was home. The flowers were stamped, heat embossed and then cut out.

I decided I was going to use up some of the bits and pieces that are floating around on my table and in my space while doing these challenges. So far, only the background cardstock is new.


  1. I love them! The sun looks awesome on the 4:30am layout and I really like the story on the Air Miles one! YAY for time to create again!

  2. Crystal, these are very nice. I like the idea of making a layout from a little piece of your life--something that happens in your daily round. I also like the philosophy of taking time to create something each day.



  3. Fun creating! It's great to see you doing it again and just the little things you'll enjoy remembering in 20 years, and your grandkids will be glad you saved. Thanks for saving all those Air Miles!!