Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Today's thoughts of gratitude are brought to you by the letter "F".
Thanks for the fun, Morning Glory!!

1. Faith in God and His all protecting presence in my life. How good He is to me.

2, Family - I am blessed with so many family members close by and we love to get together. The love and acceptance of family is a gift beyond measure.

3. Freedom - to come and go, speak or stay silent, read and think as I please, without fear or rebuke.

4. Friends - in real life or online, each one makes me smile, gives me reason to ponder and is a shining light in my life. Thank you to each of you :))

5. Farm - I have always lived on a farm, except when I was away at university, and I can't imagine living in a town or city. The open spaces, fresh air and solitude refresh my soul.

6. Food, glorious food (as Oliver said) - there are very few things I dislike and I am thankful for all the choices and tastes that I have.

7. Fun - so many good things to do, good places to visit and good people to share laughter with.


  1. Yep. Totally all wonderful things!! :)

  2. I can feel your happiness in this post Crystal. Lovely "F" list..

  3. esther10:01 AM

    what a good list - dido.

  4. Wonderful list, Crystal!

  5. Nice "F's". I've never lived on a farm....but I enjoy reading you gals who do and I'm amazed at each and every one of you.

  6. While I did not name it on my list, I too very much appreciate FREEDOM. I spent some time in Egypt last year. While researching the country before my trip I read of a journalist who was imprisoned for writing something critical of their president. While I do wish at times that much of our own media could find more constructive things to say instead of forever focusing their efforts on the negative, the very fact that we CAN be critical of our system of government or our leaders without fear is something we so often overlook.

    Freedom from fear is a big blessing in my book!

    Also the freedom to travel...this year alone I have already gone to or will soon be headed to various destinations in six different states - the equivalent of moving about several European countries. I don't have to get anyone's permisson or apply for visa. I just get up and go.

    There are so many freedoms we enjoy. Thanks for the reminder!