Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gelatins Class

I finished the third project from our weekend tonight. Before I went, I decided that I wanted to create a project with photos from Helayna and Meadow's very first day so they are both officially done! I have some cool things to display on our coffee table now - you should drop by and see them!!

Melissa Chapman was the instructor. It was fun to meet her and visit a bit, especially after seeing her awesome work in magazines and online.

Explosion box with the lid on it. The flowers on top of it are embossed with clear glitter glaze and they just sparkle! I had forgotten how easy it is to emboss and how it makes things look so classy. Note to self - remember to do this more often!

When the lid comes off and the box pops open, this is what you see! I cut Helayna's birth announcement (designed by Heather) and fit it onto these flaps.

Layer 2

The third layer when the box is open


  1. What a cool way to display your photos of Helayna. I love it! Thanks for sharing more of your creations. It gets me inspired to get back to my desk. It's been a while. Looking forward to more sneak peaks of the weekend. Hugs.

  2. Wow Crystal, you are so talented! This is beautiful. And what a neat thing to have displayed on your coffee table.

  3. great stuff Crystal. Beautiful work. You did a wonderful job! Of course it was probably easy given the subject matter.

  4. It's AWESOME!!! Can you make me one, please?!?! I love it! And those photos bring back so many memories - it's hard to believe that was just 6 months ago. Time flies by so quickly. Sigh... Can you bring your stuff this weekend to show me?! I'd love to see. I finally printed some photos today to scrapbook them. Maybe that's what I should do while you are here this weekend - scrapbook! It's been so long.