Saturday, May 26, 2007

Baby Chicks

In my classroom at school we have been incubating chicken eggs and they hatched this week. It was great excitement for the whole school, I think! I've brought them home for the weekend and they'll go back for a few days next week so the kids can see the wing feathers begin to come in and realize how fast they grow. Naomi and Jerry came over with Meadow last night so I got to show them to her too.

Meadow loved just standing by the box and watching. Pretty soon her little leg was trying to crawl up the side and then she was leaning over and reaching down into the box. Then she banged on it to get the chick's attention.

Baby animals are so fascinating - should I touch it or not?

The ultimate test - it has to go in my mouth so I can truly experience it! She was so cute when she did this - Naomi and I both cracked up.


  1. Too funny! She's got so much character and definitely loves to see and do. You'll have to create a LO of this one.

  2. Ethan's teacher is hatching baby ducks in their class!! Too funny.

  3. So sweet! Do you get to keep the chickens when they get older?