Thursday, May 17, 2007

At the end of the week

"And life is what we make it,
always has been,
always will be."
Grandmother Moses

The "dreaded of all grade 3 test days" (to paraphrase a TV announcer from years back who always said "The Siberian High - the dreaded of all meteorological phenomenon!")
is over! Our students wrote their language arts writing tests and had 1 hour to write an interesting story using a picture prompt. It's such a hard task to do in such a short time. And I have a whole bunch of other thoughts on that topic but I won't share them here (don't want to scare you off!!) - enough said. I loved this quote when I found it - and I am reminded to be glad that I have students who can think, try their best and enjoy life!!

Go, Grade 3's - have a wonderful weekend!!
Go, Teachers - have a relaxing weekend!!
Go, Families - enjoy each other and the sun, while it lasts!!


  1. Oh, I loved Bill Matheson! I so miss him. He made me love weather as a child. I wish my kids could've seen him do his thing!

  2. I guess these tests are also a reminder that the end of the year is just around the bend. Enjoy the last month and a bit with your students and staff. It goes so quickly with all the testing now. I definitely feel thankful and excited to be finished for the week and able to rest and rejuvenate. Hope we talk again this weekend.

  3. It is almost all over for yet another year! I am sure all your students did very well!! Great quote. Have a relaxing weekend.