Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #6

Listography 2012 - #6 - What I Love Most About Home

1.  It was built by Bob and his dad.

2.  Most of the lumber came from a nearby neighbor's farm and it was cut and planed by Bob and his brother.

3.  The photos hanging on walls and standing on shelves that bring loved ones to mind.

4.  The big open kitchen with lots of cupboards(4 lazy susans and 24 doors) and  and drawers(11).

5.  The fireplace, even though we don't use it too often.  We've got plans to change that!

6.  The bamboo flooring and that Jerry and Darrin worked so hard to do most of it.

7.  That our children all grew up in this house - we moved in on Darrin's first birthday, almost 34 years ago!

8.  That it's such a great place to fill up with family and friends.

9.  The built in book shelves in the living room.

10.  That it has lots of big windows.

11.  The two solar tubes that we added later to bring more light into the dining room.

12.  The great big yard and garden that we have out here in the country.  We love the space and solitude!


  1. I love your list and reading what your favourite things about your house are. It's really amazing that it was built by Dad and Grampa and that so much lumbar came from so close to home. What a gift.

  2. Great great list!!!!

  3. I love our family home, too. It is incredible that Dad and Grandpa built it, planed that lumber, made our home. And I do really like the layout with the big open kitchen right onto the dining room. I often talk about building our own and how a bungalow might just be the perfect style for us. I'd only add a pocket door at the end of the hall, to close it off when little ones are sleeping. Tyler is envious of the front yard and compares every place and yard he sees to that. Now he's got big plans. I guess we'll have to live in the country. Great list.

  4. It's so special that your kids get to come home to the home they grew up in and share it with their kids (your grandkids). I'm sure there are so many amazing memories in that house! That's not that common anymore to live in the same house for so long. I'm so glad I came to visit a few years back. I'll have to try that again sometime.