Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Sol

Dear Little Solomon -

It's nearly one week since you were baptized - the day that you were formally received into God's family.  I was so very happy to be invited to the service and celebration.  Your Mommy and Daddy chose to bring you to God's house for this service and to ask all of us to support you as you grow up.  You are so tiny (although alot bigger since we saw you at Christmas!) but you were wide awake through the whole thing.  Your Daddy held you so very proudly as we all watched.   When Pastor Tim poured water over your head you didn't make a sound - you actually smiled as he wiped your head and you faced us again.  It seemed like you understood the beauty of it all.

Your Mommy and Daddy chose Albert and Kim to be your godparents,  the ones that will pay special attention to you and encourage you.  Kim and Mommy have been friends for a long time and they were chosen because they have a special relationship with God our Father too.  They were proud to stand with you and they marvel at you and your growth.  I hope you will grow to know and love them too.

We were at the church where your Mommy was baptized as a toddler and it made me think alot about the day that we held her.  It was her first birthday and she was much bigger than you.  She wore a beautiful white dress and bonnet and we were so happy to see her received into God's family.  We have watched her grow up and have prayed many prayers for her through the years.  God has lead her through many adventures and this year He has given her a special job as your Mommy.  You will be added to our family prayer list now and we will ask God to help you grow strong and wise and close to Him.

Your great-grandparents are so very happy to be able to cuddle you and they marvel as you respond to them.  Grampa Gus will introduce you to the farm and you will quickly know that he keeps an endless supply of candies stashed in the closet.  Gramma 'Frieda sewed you a special monkey quilt and she will continue to sew for you as long as she can.  You are surrounded by a big family and all of their legacies of love and service in this area.  But your Daddy's family is far away on the other side of Canada, in northern Newfoundland.  We know that they thought of you today and that they are praying for you too.  Before you even arrived, your Granny Gertrude prayed that you would grow up to be just like your Daddy - that's a great prayer for a little boy to hear and know about.  I hope that you will be able to visit them often and get to know them and their community too.  I know that they are missing you alot!  Auntie Esther took pictures on Daddy's iPhone so he could send them off right away so they could share in the day.

Pastor Tim preached right to you in his sermon.  His opening comments mentioned that you have a big name to live up to in King Solomon.  These are the things I wrote down in my sermon notes:  Pastor  reminded us that even with all the knowledge we have today, we can't save ourselves.  God asks us to be faithful and then we will know who we are, where we are going and who we are following.  We have been created by God and we are invited to eternal life.  But first God will lead us to places where we can make a difference, if we just follow Him.   God twists our lives and leads us to places we would never go on our own but where we will make a difference.  He welcomes us to eternal life, but first we must face life head-on, exactly where He sends us.  On the cross we will get what we long for - a home with Him.  That is your legacy and your promise as God's child, Sol.

And so little one, we are so happy that you have been baptized as a child of God's!  We pray for your family as you live in God's love and hope that you will follow wherever God leads you.  

Much love,
Great-Auntie Crystal

Special cake pops made by your Auntie Mel

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  1. this is so sweet. you need to send this to jen to put into sol's baby book so he can read it when he's older.