Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello, Monday

Hello Monday!

Hello week #3 of this project.

Hello memories of Sunday.

Hello newly baptized great-nephew.

Hello Sunday sermon thoughts.

Hello pictures of family all gathered together.

Hello visitors.

Hello card games.

Hello recovering husband - you look mighty fine!

Hello doctor's office.

Hello Family Day holiday.

Hello new ironing board cover.

Hello brilliant sunshine.

Hello Bible study group.

Hello last chapter in our study.

Hello 3 days of subbing.

Hello little girl's nightgown, waiting in pieces.

Hello laundry.

Hello Shrove Tuesday.

Hello Ash Wednesday.

Hello Lent.

The lovely and talented Lisa Leonard has a new Monday morning tradition - Hello, Monday!  It's  a way to greet all that's waiting in a new week and then link up and celebrate with others. 

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  1. Are you ready to make your pancakes tomorrow?