Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dear Daffodils

Dear Daffodils,

Thank you for being the very first flower harbingers of spring!
I love walking into the grocery store 
to see you standing tall in your buckets of water, 
just waiting to be plucked out and taken home with me.

It seems a little strange to see you here before Valentine's Day
but I will happily buy you whenever you appear -
and then on and on as winter fades and spring officially arrives.
I love how your sheaths are tightly wrapped up
when I pick you out
and then within hours, tiny yellow petals
begin to peek out as you unfold in the warmth of our house.

I love your yellow bells standing tall on their petal stands,
reaching up to drink in life.
You remind me to stand tall 
and unfold my beauty to share with the world.
You remind me that even when days are cold and grey
there is beauty to fill my home and my heart.
May I unfold my life and let it shine 
into the hearts of others
just like you do.



  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    really beautiful - you should publish it

  2. I LOVE these letters, Crystal! I bought my first bunch of daffodils this week and they are flowering here in my lounge right now.