Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Ann's words carved deep into my heart yesterday.

"Forget to give thanks — and Who you forget is God."

Those words cut straight through me yesterday.  Perhaps it was the middle-of-winter doldrums, perhaps it was 4 days of teaching, more likely it was that I let the world plow in and push aside my attention.  When I do that, I cheat God and it's no wonder that He leaves me sitting in the midst of worry and discontent.  

I pick myself up out of the ditch that I've sunk into and find my journal and suddenly my eyes are opened again.  He takes care of me, He desires to place the best things in my days and He is always waiting for me to come back.

"Turn in thanks and everything turns — and God doesn’t turn away."

#3710 - #3750

- Creamy Orange Dressing on salad greens
- phone calls
- visiting on the sidewalk
- a new book (#6 in Clan of the Cave Bear)
- birthday gifts for friends

- diamonds sparkling all across the playground on morning supervision
- big white snowflakes swirling around
- call to sub first thing in the morning
- Ash Wednesday
- sharing the Eucharist

- springform pan holding raspberry cheesecake
- favourite crystal vase from Sweden
- white daisies
- maple cutting board from Charlevoix, Quebec - more than 10 years old
- pushing three swings and hearing them laugh

- mild morning for supervision
- Bible study
- finishing  our study of "Reclaiming the "E" Word"
- snacks
- working together in the kitchen

- leather gloves, soft and supple and nearly worn out
- the thought of new winter boots for next year
- ironing board cover
- dinner cooked by friends
- hearing about God's answers to their prayers

- safe travel
- visiting with our children, in person and via Skype
- toys scattered - it means we were having fun
- little imaginations that build Lego ice cream stores and yellow combines
- dirty dishes - it means we had a delicious supper

- slush spattered on the car - it means we got home safely
- napping while Bob drove home
- new batteries and light bulbs
- playing like a kid again
- reading new stories together

- God's provision of days of work
- amazing development as God nourishes a new life
- thinking long and hard about how He is speaking through His word
- considering how to provide Christian education better
- leaning hard on His promises

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  1. love your list and the gifts you see in your days. thanks for coming to see us.