Monday, February 20, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Amid my busy-ness and my rushing and my worrying and my preoccupation with worldly things, He sends small, sweet glimpses of His everlasting goodness and love for me.  And when I stop to recognize them as His gifts, I am covered over in His love and the knowledge that He has it all in His control and under His plan.  How very big is my God!

#3630 - #3710

- writing my gratitude list
- sometimes thinking long, sometimes knowing right away
- friends sharing stories
- laughter
- hearing other opinions

- crab mousse
- shadow showing two standing side by side
- how close the relationship is
- closing the curtain because the sun is too hot
- text messages flying back and forth

- post office
- envelopes bearing messages of love
- sewing machine fixed for her before she has to return to work
- visits
- giving away pillowcases

- skilled surgeons
- knowledgeable and reassuring nurses
- diversions
- bed being wheeled back into the room
- praise that it all worked out

- extra day of subbing
- finding the answer key
- leaving the stack of poetry tests marked
- laughing with them in class
- helpful education assistants

- visiting at the end of the day
- reading our daughters' thoughts
- more visits :)
- phone calls from the neighbors to check on him
- wrestling - filling in for Grampa

- card games before noon
- potluck dinners
- watching our niece and her husband as parents
- seeing how much he has grown since Christmas
- his big 3 month old smile after the Pastor baptized him

- hearing that she's applied to teach overseas this summer
- a sink full of clean dishes
- Family Day holiday
- embroidery hoops on the wall
- table runner from Greece

- God's healing power
- being covered over in prayer
- hearing again that He has it all planned
- sermon message that all He asks is to be faithful
- joy knowing that there is One who loves me through everything

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