Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dear Midnight Moon

Dear Midnight Moon,

Thank you for shining in all your half crescent glory last night while we were driving home.  
In between the clouds, you managed to reflect off the snow and brightly guide us along our way.
You were right there so we saw the tall white legs of the black moose as he loped onto the shoulder of the highway.
You gave Bob all he needed to see so he could slam on the brakes and screech our little car to a halt
just as the lumbering giant reached the center line -
and then realized that something else was there already.
You showed that antlered giant the way back to the ditch, which he thankfully chose,
and then the fence, that he so easily stepped over, on his way back into the forested darkness.
And you kept on shining as we caught our breaths,
let the adrenaline settle
and carefully continued on our way.

Thank you, Mr. Moon - thank you very much!

The Midnight Travellers

(Inspired by Lindsay's beautiful letters at Bales and Tales)


  1. Phew! I'm glad you are alright and the moose headed in the other direction. We still haven't seen any on our journeys around here, but I'm very glad about that. Hugs from us.

  2. LOVE that you're doing this too :) Sending love your way and thankfulness for the midnight moon!

  3. oh, this made me have goosebumps. love the way you wrote your story. :)