Monday, February 06, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Between Ann's words, the Joy Dare prompts and my Bible reading, I am noticing so many gifts.  Little moments, small treasures placed in just the right place at just the best moment to show me that His grace is mine in great abundance.  What an amazing God!

#3600 - #3630

- stories of my grandparents and their arrivals in Canada
- realizing that they would have been married 83 years on last Monday
- their wedding picture in the oval frame
- playing games with my parents
- a true hockey fan

- sewing pieces together
- broccoli-cauliflower soup
- their excitement at being able to the gym for Healthy Hearts time
- hearing "They know exactly what to do!" - and they did!
- jars of summer goodness

- beautiful smile as I zipped Blake's jacket
- watching little skaters zip around the ice
- sharing delicious beef on a bun for lunch
- goat cheese hiding on the bottom shelf of the fridge
- beautiful new Valentine fabrics

- lunch packed and ready to go
- sunny days
- last butternut squash roasted
- new stamps
- daffodils

- clean counters and clean dishes
- writing 
- hearing my favourite scripture, Isaiah 40
- memories of one year ago, on this day
- being still and resting in Him

2011 day of tobogganing

- hearing that a loved one is feeling better
- that D & K are safely home from vacation
- talking to Melinda on her birthday
- thanking God for His blessings of health, family and provision to her
- that He would give His son for me

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  1. love your list and photos. how was the tobogganing? who all went? those daffodils are so pretty and finding goat cheese is always a treat! yum!