Monday, February 06, 2012

Hello, Monday

The lovely and talented Lisa Leonard has a new Monday morning tradition - Hello, Monday!  It's  a way to greet all that's waiting in a new week and then link up and celebrate with others.  I want to focus on what's coming up and look ahead with excitement so here are my thoughts.

Hello subbing in grade six and elementary school.

Hello Teacher's Convention - I remember well the fun we used to have with you.

Hello more beautiful weather.

Hello birthday #32 for Melinda.

Hello evening Bible study time with small group friends

Hello seed catalogues - spring must be coming!

Hello thoughts of hearts and sweet treats.

Hello Valentine decorations.

Hello Valentine sewing.

Hello more healthy eating.

Hello new book for book club.

Hello packages to send off at the post office.

Hello new vehicle registration stickers.

Hello full moon!

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