Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dear Rice Cooker

Dear  Rice Cooker,

I don't think I've ever told you quite how much I appreciate what you do for me every week. 
I love that I can take you out,
pour in some water,
shake in salt,
add rice,
put the lid on -
and then forget all about you for the next 45 minutes!
Thank you for making my life easier -
and my rice flakier.

Thank you for not boiling over (most times) -
I think maybe the dash of lemon juice is keeping your boil nice and low.
Thank you for not burning the bottom layer
and for keeping cleanup easy.
Thank you for doing a great job with brown rice
and for letting me experiment with juices and add-ins.
I was a little surprised when you arrived,
wrapped up as a Christmas gift one year
but I must say that I have grown to love you.
I really don't know I'd manage without you now.
Here's to many more happy meals together!

A Happy Cook


  1. My brother-in-law has one in the restaurant - I had never seen one before then, but am well acquainted with it after washing the bowl countless times! He says it is a lifesaver, and loves it!

    PS - I loved your letter!! Great idea!

  2. Oh yes, I agree. I love my rice cooker and use it often during the week. Yesterday I made Spanish rice in it. Have you tried making quinoa in it yet. It works great. I gave one to Abi & Pat for their wedding gift. I think every kitchen needs one of those.