Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Sunshine

Dear February Sun, 

Thank you for picking today to come out 
and shine again. 
January was really grey and
I'm happy to see that you found your way back.
I hope February is going to be brighter
with you filling the sky.
Thank you for coaxing the thermometer 
up above zero again -
+10 suits me just fine!
I love it when you are so bright 
that I have to put the sun visor down in the car.
I love it when you bounce off the little bits of snow
and make my eyes hurt with the blinding white.
I love how you warm everything you shine on.
And best of all, I love how
you gild the afternoon sky
and bathe everything in your glow.
It's been a great day -
please come and shine again tomorrow.

Thank you for reminding me that
God's love shines into all the greyness.
His grace bounces all over my days,
His love warms all of my actions.
May I give love as He gave of His son
and may I spread Him into every action of my week.

Shine on me, Son of God!


1 comment:

  1. it was so beautiful out today, wasn't it!? lovely poem to celebrate the day.