Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When I was in Fredericton this summer, Melinda had an idea to make a patchwork tablecloth so we collected the fabrics and cut the squares.  Then I went home and the patches sat - and sat - and sat.  When she came to visit in October, she brought everything along, thinking that we might get some sewing done while she was here.  That didn't happen either so she left everything with me.  With her birthday coming in February I knew that I wanted to get the tablecloth sewn so that she could finally use it.

The top which would have been too small so we added the striped borders.

I love the bright colors and the way they that complement the patterns.

The back is lined with this brown and there was just enough stripe left to make 4 matching napkins.  

I think the tablecloth has taken up residence on her table now :)  I had to wait until the box arrived in New Brunswick before I posted my photos or it wouldn't have been a surprise!  This was a really fun project and good practice sewing even seams for me.


  1. I absolutely love it and think it turned out wonderfully. The patterns and colours are perfect with the pillows we made and the browns in our dining room/living room. Thank-you so much for making it and getting it done for me. Can you come again? I have a few other projects I need some help with. ;)

  2. It is beautiful! I love the colours and the border sets it off perfectly!

  3. Wow, it is really beautiful! I love the colours and I bet it looks good on their table!

  4. You are talented in so many!