Saturday, February 04, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Soaking your feet in hot water that has Avon's Footsoak with Mint and Rosemary dissolved in it is an awesome way to spend an hour! 

2.  I finished day #2 of subbing at a high school today.  I know lots of the kids at this school which helps but it was still quite the day!

3.  Ann posted a link to Valentine Confetti at Nest of Possibilities today - it looks delicious!  I am doing this for sure!!

(photo from Nest of Possibilites)

4.  Maëlle gave me a beautiful kiss today - her mouth wide open on my cheek!  She is growing up and learning to do so many things, like crawling, right now.

5.  I stopped at the quilt shop in Winfield today and found some beautiful Valentine fabric!  She has expanded her inventory and now has a whole wall of fabrics in the longarm room.  She even had the pink and brown colorway of Swiss Chocolate by Amanda Murphy - which I resisted, but just barely!

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  1. Are you enjoying having a fabric store close by? It sounds lovely. I have been busy with customer quilts and trying to keep caught up with my own fun projects too.