Saturday, September 13, 2008

Three Treasures

Naomi, Meadow and I took a little road trip this week to see new baby Silas and his family. I remember taking a little road trip like this just days after Helayna was born too!

This is a picture i definitely knew I wanted to have taken - our 3 beautiful grandchildren - how blessed we are!

And on the most beautiful day of September, we just had to go to the playground.

So many new things to explore in a different location for this one.

She has an endless fascination with rocks! Big ones, little ones, heavy ones, colored ones - it doesn't matter as long as she can get her hands in them and move them around.

Helayna loves this airplane and she was just rockin' it. Poor Meadow, who hadn't been on it before, was hanging on tightly and their hair was whipping around in the breeze. It was so cute!!


  1. Grandchildren? Surely not! Don't look old enough - they are lovely looking kiddies - and you do have that proud granny look going. Happy days.

  2. I love the picture of you and your yor 3 grandchildren.

  3. Too cute! I'm so glad they got to spend the day together, and Heath and Na had some time, too. I'm sure you were in your glory with all three of them. Love the airplane photo. LOL!!

  4. :) I love those photos so much! I'm so glad you guys came to visit us!

  5. I know just what you mean about wanting a picture of all three of your grands! I felt the same way and still love the chance to pose all of four of ours together!
    Yours are just so adorable..

  6. Such adorable grandchildren you have! So precious!