Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm finding out that there are some seriously cute baby boy clothes available in stores these days :)) I found blue receiving blankets embroidered with tiny airplanes and cars and newborn onesies with balls and 'little rookie' on them. So cute!!

2. Isn't email a glorious thing?!! It's so easy to stay in touch with friends and family, no matter how far away they live.

3. Happy mail came yesterday! I won a gift certificate at Stampin' Treasures in Jennifer McGuire's card drive so I had fun picking out new stamp sets. They are even better in real life and I'm anxious to play. Maybe later today!

The tree is so cute and the tag set is going to be awesome for Christmas tags. The little tickets are going to be a Christmas gift for someone.

4. I decluttered part of my cookbook cupboard and found some treasures - and some junk!! Magazines from 1989 - that's nearly 20 years!! The stash of saved ripped out magazine pages really didn't diminish but I've made a file folder for new ideas and will try to test the recipes and make decisions about their worthiness that way. Sadly, I didn't find the one recipe that I really wanted :(

5. I dropped by my mom and dad's this evening - to get 2 zucchini - and I came home with a huge bag of the biggest beets I've ever seen, a pumpkin for Meadow, a braid of onions for Naomi, a bag of carrots, the last of the green beans, 4 cucumbers, 7 tomatoes, some potatoes for Jonathan, and 2 boxes of canning for Naomi and Heather. It's seriously like going to this free market garden and being loaded up with goodness! How blessed we are by their generosity - and with food aplenty that we are surrounded by in Canada.

6. The last two preserving projects from the kitchen will be zucchini relish and beet pickles. I only have enough jars left to do these 2 things!!

7. Sunflowers make me smile!

30 Days of Autumn

Day 4

8. Yeah for a new hairdresser! There are none left in our small town so I've been trying out a few others and finally found one that's not too far away, reasonably priced and who did a good job too.

9. If you are looking for good food and new recipe ideas, go over and visit Sandra. I made her Applesauce Puffs today, using my mini muffin pans and they taste delicious (not to mention how cute they look!).

10. I'm not very excited that we're in an election campaign again here in Canada. It seems like a huge waste of money that could be used to do so much good in many other places in the world.


  1. Great list, Crystal , and I love Sandra's recipes too. So much to try out!
    Next year I am going to try canning. It is not something I have done before, and now that we are growing our own veg etc, I have to do what I can to preserve all the goodness! I will be asking for lessons. So be prepared!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad I found yours. I'm a little envious of places where you can grow wonderful food like this. We grow a lot of cacti here in the desert. I'm not complaining though. I love it here. LOL. (use which ever definition you like best for this.) ha. I still like lots of love.

  3. I did a little 'boy' shopping today. I have found some great deals so that helped.
    Wow!! Grandma sent you home with a few things. ;) I'm sure everyone will love their treats and the generosity. I can't wait to have my own garden some day.
    Thanks for the updates. It keeps me up to speed with what you're up to and how things are in Alberta. Miss you!

  4. We love the new boy stuff you bought us! :) :) :)
    Your list is awesome too!
    Love the new banner too!

  5. Crystal, thank you for mentioning my Apple Sauce puffs :) So glad you enjoyed them and you're right, they do turn out very cute :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful night