Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friends and Phones

Telephones are absolutely amazing and computers even more so!! Let me explain.

The phone rang this morning and the call display showed a private call. Our neighbor's calls show up this way so I answered, thinking it would be David. (Is that coincidence, L?!!!)

It was a female voice asking for Crystal.
I said it was me and she said "This is Linds."
Blank - my mind is absolutely blank. I don't know a Linds, I'm thinking so I said "I need more information than that."
And the reply is "This is Linds - from blogging."
And my heart raced and I was immediately ecstatic!! Linds - oh, LInds!!!!
Of course, I know you - even though we've never spoken in person - even though you live in England!
But I know your thoughts, and your dreams, and your heartaches, and your home, and your garden, and your job, and your textile arts, and your friends, and your children and - I KNOW YOU and now we've spoken too!!!!!!!

We talked for nearly an hour, our words sometimes tumbling over the other's, so eager to share so much. She found my number via the internet (thank you, computer technology) and dialed and made my day so very, very happy. I cannot wait until we meet in person someday and can spend hours together. We are kindred spirits and friends of the heart.

Thank you, my friend, for finding my number and for dialing and for chatting up a storm with me. It was marvelous! And I look forward to many more calls. I am amazed and I am blessed!


  1. My pleasure, my friend. At least I found the right number! And thanks again for your beautiful gift! I can't wait to meet you either....

  2. How wonderful that she found you. I've talked to a few blogging friends on the phone, and it makes the friendship that much more real!

  3. that is so wonderful! what a great surprise!

  4. How wonderful!!! This blog world experience never ceases to amaze me.