Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. What glorious weather we are having this week!! Sunny, warm and bright - even at night with a huge full moon!

2. This little one is such a lot of fun these days. A leaf pulled off made a perfect cabbagehead hat - and got the biggest giggles from her! The next project was rolling up pieces of the leaf and making pretend cabbage rolls. The imagination of a two year old is truly a boundless thing!

3. It's been a long time since I read a really good mystery book - and The Thirteenth Tale is very well written.

4. The freezer is now stocked too! I picked up some fresh chickens from the local Hutterite colony today and Chicken Cacciatorie is on the menu for tonight.

5. Driving through the countryside these days presents another beautiful view, no matter which way you turn. I took a scenic route today and it did my soul good to view the amazing world God has given to us.

6. Our laptop has gone to the local Apple dealer for a minor repair but it means that my computer access now has to be shared with Bob. So I might be missing a bit until it comes back. And I am thankful that we bought the extended warranty since we are 90 days past purchase and that's all the original covers.

7. Alphabet Soup - Morning Glory at Seeds From My Garden has started this fun activity again so I'll join in and share some thoughts too. Today's letter is "A" and here are some "A" things that add joy and pleasure to my life.

Ancestors - I wish that more of the stories and personalities of these important people were preserved but still I am in awe of who they were, what they did and the legacy they left our family.

Apricots - one of my very favourite fruits - especially in pies and jam!

Airplanes and air travel - the world is so easy to enjoy and appreciate when we can travel anywhere, after saving up for fare of course!

Apples - and all the marvelous ways they can be enjoyed!

Architecture - especially in other countries. Doorways, windows, rooflines, columns - cathedral, hut, home or business - marvelous to observe and appreciate.

8. The crunch and taste of fresh carrots from the garden is one of autumn's best things.

9. Here is another blog that I think you might enjoy. Mama Hen over At A Hen's Pace has the most delightful explanation of her blog name. And she writes about Christian parenting in a very real way.

10. I love my camera!! I took it with me on a drive today and stopped several times to capture some colorful scenes.


  1. meadow looks so cute there!
    love your list!

  2. I love your list, too. Most of those could have been mine as well. Thanks for playing along this week.

  3. I love apricots too!

    Beautiful pictures....autumn is the best!

  4. Crystal--Thanks for your sweet recommendation, the link, and for "coming out of hiding." You made my day!