Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just a Few More!

We have come home and left the Moll's to rest and relax for now. I would have gladly stayed but it is September and there is harvesting to do here at home.

Yesterday when Heather and Silas came home from the hospital, the four of them sat on the chesterfield and spent some time getting acquainted. It was so touching to see them bonding and becoming a strong little family.

Helayna is settling right in to the big sister role - holding him, cuddling him and 'tenderly' touching his head!

She's doing marvelously but she is tired. What an amazing mother our daughter has become! We are so proud of her and her family.

The focus is off but the emotion is right there as she's busy being silly with baby blankets!

And I can hardly wait to go back and see these guys again. I hope it won't be a long time off as I remember how quickly babies change and I don't want to miss any of it! Thank you for 'listening' to me ramble on, as grandmothers are known to do :))

The 30 days of autumn should return tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Hey Crystal..
    I am so thrilled for you!! A new baby grandson, how thrilling!!!
    I know you already love him to death... Congrats, you are such a fabulous Grandma...

  2. Great photos! Helayna looks like she's enjoying the big sister role. I can see that she wants Silas to wake up and open his eyes already so they can play. :) Love how you captured Helayna's delight in the last one. I hope you go back soon.

  3. Oh see what happens when I step away for a few days!! How utterly exciting!! Congratulations to everyone. He is gorgeous!!

  4. Nothing like a sweet, precious baby.

  5. I'm so glad you guys were able to come and meet Silas. Thank you for all your help! It meant so much to us! We are so blessed to have such generous and helpful parents (and grandparents to the kids).
    Love you so much!

  6. Sorry it's been so long since I visited..
    Life has been so busy..
    Loved seeing your photos of precious Silas. Such a blessing from Above..

  7. Hello from Moses Lake!
    I check out your blog every once in a while and how fun to see a new baby. He has my great-grandfather's name (not one we often hear). OUR #3 grandchild arrived on July 4th. They came over here for her baptism last month so we got to have a whole 'family thing' on one of the hottest days of the year.