Friday, September 19, 2008

Compassion International

As one of Compassion International's group of bloggers, my September assignment is to tell you about the letter writing support that is part of our child sponsorship.

Compassion ministers to more than just the physical needs of children and emotional and spiritual support is provided by letters from sponsors to children. From everything I've read on the site, the relationship of one child with his/her sponsors is a precious way to share and support each other. It just melts my heart to read the children's reactions to letters - how they save them for years, reread them to family members, and wait for the next one to arrive.

I want to know more about Thayane, our little girl in Brazil, and one of the ways we can do this is by corresponding with each other. I know how much I love getting mail and I imagine she is just the same, especially when it comes from far away and from someone who is helping to offer hope and life changes by sponsorship. I write to Thayane every month and I was delighted to get our first letter from her last month!!

This is the front of the letter with spots for Thayane to share information. The design of this is so interesting and inviting - just what a little girl would have fun doing, I think. (I've blocked out our personal information.)

It was amazing to read about the whole journey and process that a letter goes through on its way to and from us. The workers in each project help the kids prepare their letters to respond to sponsor letters. The journey can take 3 or more months! I am so thankful to those people who provide translation services. My Portuguese language skills are pretty much non-existant!!

This sweet little drawing just made me so happy! To imagine her sitting at a table with pencils and crayons creating all the tiny bits of this picture brought a huge smile to my face. I wish I could give her a big hug to let her know how very much we love it and appreciate the letter. It hangs in a place of honour on our fridge and I am reminded of her several times a day.

These are the translations of the information from the form on the front.

There is no doubt that receiving this letter has made us love Thayane even more. We think of her often and pray that she knows we care about her and her family. And even more importantly - we pray that she is growing to know Jesus and the love that He gives her always.

If you aren't a child sponsor yet, I really encourage you to consider it. We've made a few small changes (like foregoing the Starbuck's coffee after buying groceries) monthly and the money is quickly there for our child. There are children around the world waiting for someone just like you! Go to Compassion. check out the possibilites and share your love and resources.

And then please, please tell me about your sponsored children!


  1. that is so awesome that you got a letter from her! wow!

  2. These are such sweet letters from your child!

  3. Great job! Thank you for using your on-line voice to speak for Compassion and the poor.


  4. Hello, Just came to your blog by the link on the Compassion website. Very touching post! I am new to blogging and to Compassion, both! My family and I just very recently chose a Compassion child and I can't explain the feelings that it has given us and how anxious we are to hear from our child and watch him grow for years to come. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading this post!