Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I had a busy but delightful day subbing in grade one today. They are so eager and so willing to do whatever is asked of them at this stage. And the highlight of their day was a visit from Super Hero Zero because it was day 20 of the school year.

2. I got some pictures developed today. It's always a big treat to open the envelope and see how they look. Digital imaging is great but I still like to hold my memories in my hand.

3. The crockpot very nicely cooked an Italian Beef Roast today - such a nice smell as I walked in the door.

4. Are you tired of hearing about the economy, the stock market and all the accompanying woes yet?!

5. Alphabet Soup - Morning Glory at Seeds From My Garden is hosting again and I missed last week so I'm doing B and C today.

These B things make me happy:

Bible - I have a travel one that goes with me and I love to read it often

blueberries - I could eat them everyday - and it's a bonus that they are so healthy too

Beijing memories - especially after watching the Olympics this summer

bread - in many forms and flavours

brothers - I have two and I am proud of them

Bob - my husband and life partner

birds - especially colorful ones that sing songs

brunch buffets - I love the choices and eating later in the morning

blogging - the photography and writing that I am inspired to do and especially the friends I've made through this new hobby

And these 'C" things make me happy too!

children - we are blessed to have four and the joy and happiness they have brought to our lives is immeasurable

cinnamon - I love it in baking, potpourri or candles

candles - especially on a winter or fall evening -I love the light and the fragrance

Canada - I am proud to live in such a beautiful and peaceful country

chai tea - it's my favourite hot drink, especially from Starbucks

clothes - not so much for me but definitely for our grandchildren

crackers and cheese - one of my favourite snacks

camping and the truck camper we bought earlier this year - this is the first summer we really did much camping and it was marvelous - I hope there are many more outings to come

computers - I do love the myriad things that can be accomplished with these technological wonders, even though I don't understand them very well at all

cherries - one of my absolute favourite summer fruits!

chocolate - especially things like chocolate covered almonds and brownies!!

camera - it's never far away and I don't leave home without it - ever!

Wow - that's obviously a popular letter in my life :))

6. One of the bloggers I have the pleasure of reading regularly is Mary at Owlhaven. Please pop over and visit this mom of 10, including children adopted from Korea and Ethiopia. She's just finished 30 days of frugal living, where she fed her family on a very fixed budget for the month.

7. It's wonderful how many beautiful colored leaves are still on the trees here. Usually we've had a big wind by now and they've all blown off but we are very lucky this year. It's going to be quite bleak when they all fall off.

8. I'm busy looking for recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving dinner. There are so many tasty ones around online or in magazines. Along with these thoughts, I'm reminded how many in our world do not enjoy the abundance that we do.

Lord, - please keep me mindful of the needs of others and remind me to willingly share what we have, all of which is provided by you.

9. Baby Gap has some very cute clothes, including Halloween onesies! I got Silas a blue one with a bear on it that says Born to Be Wild (but I can't find it online).

10. Happy Last Day of September to you! It's one of my favourite months.


  1. Hi Crystal,
    Love your B's & C's. You thought of a few that I could have included had they come to my mind!
    That little onesie from Baby Gap is adorable and falls perfectly under your "clothes"

  2. You reminded me of some I should have added to my list too - how COULD I have forgotten CHEESE???? I love reading your lists, and yes, there are so many wonderful things to be thankful for. I love reading Mary too - she was the first blog I ever found and through her, I entered this wonderful world. And made so many great friends!

  3. Yes, am tired of hearing about the stock market!

  4. You're so creative and always have lots to share. It really does make me feel closer to home. I have a tasty sweet potato scalloped potatoes recipe if you'd like to try it. Oh, and one for scallop potatoes with layers of white and sweet potatoes. I'd love to share. Miss you lots.

  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    What a great list, Crystal. I also like getting prints of my digital pictures--I flip through them as though it were the first time I've seen them.

    Your B and C lists are great!


  6. love your list and you!