Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today I helped pack up and clear out of our bed and breakfast apartment.

Today I read my book for an hour while Bob and the B&B owner drove an hour up the road (and back), chasing down Heather and Jonathan who had left with our van keys.

Today I called Jonathan's cell phone 8 times in one hour trying to get through to them about the keys - and it went to the voice mail every. single. time!

Today I resolved to put an extra set of keys in my purse so the aforementioned drive, wait and phone calls don't happen again.

Today I washed the breakfast dishes at our B&B, while I waited.

Today I wondered what it would really be like to own a bed and breakfast business.

Today I thought about the jars I canned last year after our BC trip - and I gave thanks.

Today I watched the mountains come and go as we drove home through the Rogers Pass.

Today I mourned the fact that I do not have one single picture of all of us - after we spent 3 full days together.

Today I prayed that our daughter took more pictures than I did.

Today I smelt the summer sweet odour of sun ripened peaches (all 300 lbs. of them).

Today I watched the video of our grandson's dedication on Sunday at their church in New York.

Today I prayed that God will watch over Samuel, be a very real part of his life and work through him.

Today I thought about my friends and colleagues who are back at school with students for the first day.

Today I am thankful for inspiration about my prayer life.

Today I reminisce about summer and think ahead to autumn.


  1. Oh my, sounds like quite the morning. I am assuming you got your keys back and are safely home now. How much fruit did you come home with? How long will it take you to can/freeze/use up all that you've collected?
    Thanks for the link about prayer. I read through it, but definitely need to spend more time again tomorrow looking at it and then working on some of those things for myself and our family. I love and miss you lots!

  2. oh that sucks about the keys!!!!! I just finished up canning my peaches, nectarines and salsa. Today i need to finish my spaghetti sauce. mmmm home done canning!! :)