Monday, September 21, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

These things brought me joy today -

- early morning laundry started

- clean shirts hanging ready to go back in the closet

- containers filled with applesauce moved to the freezer

- a letter in the mailbox from our niece

- an appointment to pick up precious documents

- fresh multigrain bread coated in sesame seeds

- bright berries hanging heavy on the branch

- poutine - one of my favourite treats of all time!

- conversation with friends

- visits from our grandchildren

- photo opportunities outdoors in the brightly colored leaves

- 3 generations gathered around the kitchen table at suppertime

- arms wrapped tight to give hugs

- little monkeys jumping on our bed

- Death by Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

- our daughter who cleaned up the kitchen after supper

- the sun shining through colored leaves

holy experience- fresh applesauce, still warm, served with cinnamon and cream


  1. What a treat to have kids and grandkids at your table, in your yard, and wrapped in your arms yesterday. I wish we could come and enjoy days like this more often. Miss you!

    Did you try the oven applesauce? I'm going to pick some apples up at the market next week and get a batch or two in our freezer.

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