Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1. There's a canning marathon going on my kitchen this week! One more day of doing pears and tomatoes and then I should have the majority of it done. I've already had to buy more jars :))

2. 106 days until Christmas!!!

3. The carrots have finally decided to grow in my garden :))

4. And here's the spaghetti squash too! It's going to need some more time to ripen off so I hope the frost holds off.

5. I made homemade fresh tomato soup for supper - and it turned out pretty well.

6. If you like scrapbooking and creating, Ella Publishing is a new online company in town that you'll want to check out. They are publishing e-zines and the site is full of fun (like all kinds of ella-phant jokes!).

7. Today was the third day in a row that I rode my bike. It's great riding along the shore of the nearby lake, especially at this time of the year.

8. The geese are gathering and getting ready to migrate. I love hearing them "talk" to each other!

9. Check out this Happy Mail at Big Picture Scrapbooking! I think it's the coolest idea ever!

10. Autumn sunsets in Alberta are the best!


  1. It really is fall isn't it? Doing all the canning, the weather cooling off, birds migrating, kids and teachers back at school and soon the leaves will be changing colour. The summer flew by.
    I love your lists. It makes me think about all I'm grateful for and to look around and enjoy what I have right here. I miss you lots!

  2. Your canning and produce look almost devine. What good eatting this winter :o)

  3. that soup looks amazing! yum! good for you with the bike riding!