Sunday, September 27, 2009

The End

of gardening for this year!  I picked the spaghetti and acorn squash -

and the pumpkins.  Helayna and Meadow each took home a great big one too.

And the last 2 boxes of green tomatoes came off because the forecast is for frost at night now.  It really was a bountiful harvest and the growing season was a full two weeks longer than normal for us.  The credit for this garden really belongs to Bob who kept the weeds under control, watered regularly and was so keen about the whole project.  I would not have done all of this on my own!!

 The marigolds and nasturtiums with their brilliant oranges and yellows linger on - they always cheer me up!


  1. It's probably such a great sense of accomplishment to have it all done and ready for winter, but still a little saddening to know that summer is over and the harvest has come to an end. I'm sure it was a big poject for both of you yet such a rewarding one in the end.
    The squash look fantastic. How did the acorn squash fair this year?

  2. Thank the Lord for a bountiful harvest! I was so envious of your beautiful garden and all of the wonderful things that have come out of it! One year we will have a garden too---can't wait! I so miss the fresh veggies from the farm garden (can't say I miss the planting or the weeding :o)!