Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

These are my gifts today:

- bluejays flying from the mountain ash tree

- sun rising behind the trees

- gold and green on the trees

- smiling faces

- colleagues

- a job to go to

- fresh from the garden, crunchy carrots

- warm autumn days

- students noticing the subtle changes of weather

- new (to me) books to read

- the last of the tomatoes put into jars

- grated zucchini to use for baking

- pulling beets from the garden

- onions drying for winter

- the joy of anticipation

- pears and cheese for a snack

- plans coming together

- the colors of autumn

holy experience


  1. I love fresh from the garden carrots, too. They just taste so much better than store-bought ones. So crunchy and sweet. Your garden has been bountiful this year. What a treasure to have all those goodies to use through the winter.
    I really appreciate how you notice the small, little everyday things and are grateful for them. You are such a wonderful woman to know and spend time with. I miss you!

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Hello Crystal!

    I just read your fantastic blog post here. It seems like we share the attitude that “Gratitude is good for you.” Grateful Nation is an online community that gives grateful people the opportunity and resources to connect, give back, and be thankful. Hopefully, one thanks will lead to another, and we’ll create an unending positive cycle of gratitude. Jump into the unending cycle of gratitude ~

    Thank you, Vanessa