Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1.  It's taken 3 days of steady work but the garden is pretty well empty!  Some pumpkins, spaghetti and acorn squash remain on the vines and the late tomatoes are still green as grass.    Today Heather and Naomi both helped - thank you SO, SO much!!

2.  Big huge thanks to my husband who dug all the potatoes.  That was a big job!

3.  These two have been so much fun this week!!  They were just standing by the toybox, giggling and jabbering away to each other yesterday afternoon.  Thanks to Heather for the picture and to House of 3 for the digital frame, which I remembered how to use :))


4.  The great 2009 crop of twisted carrots were quickly processed (thanks to Naomi and her food processor) and many bags of grated carrots are now in the deep freeze, waiting for winter baking and cooking.

5.  We were out in the sandbox by 9:00 a.m. this morning!  Later Meadow came over and together they "baked" strawberry pies.

6.  I had a vaccination in my left arm today and it hurts so much!  I can hardly move my arm!

7.  Do you ever go to your freezer, open the lid and just marvel at all the good food that's tucked away, waiting to be used inside?!   It's a pretty marvelous feeling - trust me!

8.  The bane of my existence these days are the flies!  There are so many of them and they keep finding their way into the house.  We've taken to vacuuming them off the ceiling every evening.  This warm weather is just what they need to stay active and continue to be a nuisance.  Anybody else having this same trouble?

9.  I bought a new swimsuit last week.  It was an "interesting / challenging / shaking my head / knew immediately it was the right one" kind of trip!  It's called a "Miraclesuit" - gotta love any suit with a label like that :))

10.  This little man loves his cars!  He spent a very long time on the patio this morning, going back and forth, back and forth.  He can go really fast and gets pretty impatient when he hits a wall or an obstacle.  He's going to be quite the driver some day!


  1. It must be such a great week with lots of grandkids around and getting things with the garden accomplished. Where are you storing it all?

    I definitely agree with looking in the freezer and marvelling at all that's inside. I'm so impressed with my planter box of herbs right now. My basil is huge and will soon be made into pesto. The dill unfortunately didn't last but we made a few more potato dishes before it was through.

    I think Tyler and I might move back to your place just so we can have a garden, green space and a big lawn for Samuel to play on. I'm sure Helayna and Silas are loving that part, too.

  2. Are you planning a trip somewhere???? I think you are! Glad to hear that the garden is almost done. I hope to get at min this week-end if I can round up some help.

  3. aw what fun around there!!!