Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

- blue skies, green hills, majestic mountains, warm sunshine

- time with our son

- no bear - after seeing signs of a bear!

- snacks at the end of the trail

- sweet juicy peaches in abundance

- a warm bath

- pens with colored ink

- summer flowers lingering on

- a sweet and caring daughter-in-law who stayed alongside me, at the end of the line

- conversations during uninterrupted hours

- muscles that keep working

- birthdays, especially the first one

- fresh tomatoes from our plant

- a tomato plant that keeps giving

- quiet days of labour

- empty boxes

- inspiration to tell the stories and capture the memories

- bike rides

- telephone conversations - short ones and long ones

holy experience


  1. So many things to be grateful for....life is good!

  2. i love reading your lists. they are making me want to start my own. love you!

  3. You are too cute - pens with coloured ink! I love it!

  4. A lovely list - they always make me smile, Crystal! I love coloured pens too!

  5. those peaches make my mouth water!!! and awesome tomatoes!!
    you are blessed indeed!!