Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

Today I am grateful for these gifts:

- sun rising through the clouds

- early morning phone calls from loved ones - what a great way to start the day!

- hot chocolate mixed with coffee, topped with hazelnut coffee creamer

- slices of cheddar cheese

- the colors of autumn brightening the roadsides

- the curiosity of children

- watching independent projects develop according to interests and talents

- a school library

- hugs - great big ones!!

- developing rapport with students

- a well stocked pharmacy (I know I do take it for granted.)

- a great big spaghetti squash from our garden, baked and served with butter and Parmesan cheese

- eating supper together

- having the garden all put away for winter

- hearing my sister's voice

- my mom and dad

- chocolate covered almonds :))

- running water (Again - something I take for granted.)

- childhood memories of my grandparents

- my brother and his invitation for supper

- nieces and nephews and getting to know them as adults

- my favourite color lingering on in the garden

- fresh herbs

- email

- online scrapbooking classes

- a soft pillow, especially at the end of the day

holy experience


  1. Yes, that soft pillow is such a welcome invitation at the end of the day, and even this morning. I'm heading for a nap while Samuel naps; I'm way too tired to be up for the day.
    Love your lists. It shows so much of who you are and your positive attitude towards life. Miss you!

  2. such a great list! :)

  3. a totally great list!