Thursday, September 17, 2009


Seriously - this working all day is interfering with finishing my canning, blogging, taking pictures, phoning people and even reading my email!! Tomorrow is the last day of the week for classes here so hopefully I'll be able to get a few things accomplished over the weekend.

All that being said, I have really enjoyed my time at this school with kids from grade 1 all the way through to grade 5. And the weather has been marvelous - warm and sunny - so even supervision has been fun!


  1. Isn't it great to have so much you love doing lined up, though??! It is all about loving life and actually living! You know, I have come across people who seem to be constantly bored, with nothing to do, and I just do not understand. That is never likely to happen in your house or mine! Scrapping,sewing, crafting, books to read, cooking, writing, chatting to loved ones, preserving, gardening, playing with little ones .....
    Life is GOOD!

  2. I think I'd feel the exact same way going back to working full days. I'd love time with students and the professional life, but I'd be missing time in my kitchen, reading, running errands and meeting friends. Hope today goes well and enjoy having Friday off!

  3. I agree - this working thing definitely interferes with real life! (or is it actually the real life...?)