Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grass Green and Still Growing

Our garden is still growing like crazy! That probably has alot to do with the water we've been giving it regularly. I think the watering is going to stop so we can finish some things up.

These tomatoes were planted really late and they are just starting to set fruit now. They were extras from Naomi and we rescued them but they will need until Christmas before they make much fruit. And at the back you can see the corn which should be ready now that we've had 3 hot days in a row.

This is my first attempt at growing acorn squash.

The pumpkins are great.

Most of these zucchini were made into relish.

And I left this one growing! I think it's going to grow into a complete circle!!


  1. I have started to slow the garden down too, and rip out stuff which is getting old, like the beans. Stringy. Yuk! It has a feel of autumn here too, and the garden just has leeks, tomatoes, cauliflower, corn and peppers left to harvest. Tomatoes....remind me NEVER to plant 28 tomato plants again. EVER.
    I have noticed how much lower the sun is in the sky now, and that certainly means an end to summer!

  2. Your garden was awesome this year! I know you're going to love all these goodies through the winter months. Have you dug the potatoes yet? I hope you get to enjoy this bounty for a few more weeks before you head off.

  3. wow, what a beautiful garden!