Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When Helayna comes to stay overnight with us, she sleeps in my scrapbook studio aka guest room.  Last night as she was getting ready for bed, I was grabbing a few things to bring out to the kitchen table to work on and she really wanted to scrapbook with Heather and I.  So before she went to bed, she punched and cut and glued and stickered and created something for Meadow!  It was so cute to watch her and Heather talking and creating together.  She loves scissors so she practiced for a bit with them too.

  When she was finally ready for bed Mommy decided she positively must go to bed, the promise was that it would all stay out on the kitchen table and she could create again.   So guess what's front and centre today?!  But we are very busy outside, emptying the garden so the creating is on hold for now.

Hopefully we can do something tonight :))


  1. Ah, I love that she's so keen to create and wants to make special things. It's so fun to watch them grow up, to find out what they like and how they imitate those closest to them. Any video footage to share? It would be so great to hear her as she chats away and creates.

  2. She looks like she is really enjoying herself. Start them early Jerzie loves to do crafts also.

  3. :) Another thing her and Lucy have in common. How fun!!!