Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thoughts On Being A Mother

As I worked around the house and yard mostly by myself today,  I had time to reflect on Mother's Day.
Thirty-five years ago, I never knew that:

- our four would grow up so quickly!

- they would find such amazing and caring people to become their life partners.

- my life would really and truly be changed forever.

- I would forget so much about their growing up years.

- I would regret every. single. picture that I didn't take.

- hearing about their every days would bring me so much pleasure.

- their homes would be so open and welcoming to me.

- God would take such amazing care of them, in every situation.

- I would be so blessed to be able to stay home when they were growing up.

- I would appreciate and be so thankful for my own Mom.

- the example of my own grandmother would be uppermost in my mind so often.

- I would really and truly feel like a piece of my heart was walking around outside of my body with each of them.

Being a mom has been a central part of my life all these years and especially since the arrival of our grandchildren, I have been blessed to recognize that mothering was what God wanted me to be doing.  I am so thankful for the privilege that He gave me and these four gifts (and their families!) who have made me so very happy!


  1. love reading your thoughts about being a mom. we are so blessed to have you as ours. :) love you!

  2. Yes yes yes to each and every word you have written, Crystal. Isn't it an incredible journey? I love and have loved, every moment of being my children's Mum. And Samuel? THREE??? How did that happen? Happy Birthday to the "big boy"! I find it just so wonderful to have been about (here) since little ones were born, and to share in the joy they bring to you.