Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4061 - #4091

- sweeping out the tree house with a little helper
- planning a picnic when sister gets home
- Maëlle's excitement when she gets ready to go outside
- Helayna telling me that she's painting a gift
- giggling as we played ball together

- after school snacks
- fresh blueberries
- lunch packed the night before
- stretching to teach in junior and senior high school
- apple - cranberry chutney

- lesson plans laid out
- assignments photcopied and waiting
- Smartboard successes
- cards in the mail
- colored file folders and feeling organized

- cooperation
- figuring out what makes high school boys tick
- negotiating new relationships
- leaving early
- good hair days

- 30% sales 
- laughs while they swing
- watching them ride in the tractor with Grampa
- finding almond bark in the fridge
- teaching Sunday School

- that He is my connection to abundant life
- communion reminders of His body and His blood 
- "we are the branches and He is the vine" children's lesson
- discussing the Bible story verse by verse
- messages in Sunday morning music


  1. It sounds like a very full, but wonderfully beautiful kind of week where you are. Are you still subbing at the high school this week?
    It's amazing how much the children's lesson or reading through Samuel's kids Bible can touch my heart, sometimes I think more than him. But it's the simplicity that often makes me think about God's truth and my response to Him.

  2. Beautiful post and blog!
    If you want we can follow each other, I would be very glad to have you as my new friend c: